Save Money – Learn How To Decorate Your Home In 10 Steps!

When you purchase the Design Touch eBook Program you get:

  • Our 92 eBook pages that will guide you step by step how to decorate any room in your home, from discovering your taste to creating the decor in your home. (PDF file)
  • 1 year membership that includes – 5 tutorial videos that will guide you: how to choose fabrics, how to choose colors, how to sew your drapes and pillows / or buy ready made, how to install your new decor in your home.
    And the option to connect with Classica’s designers to submit questions and pictures during your process and get answers that will help you finish your new decor.
  • Fast access to the eBook & the membership, you will receive a link to download the eBook and email within 8 hours from your purchase with your member-id & password

Living Room After

About Classica Designers!
After getting married and having kids, life took a turn.
Debra learned interior decorating and started staging houses and Dafna studied psychology.
In 2008 they joined forces.
They always had a passion to interior decorating and Dafna’s psychology studies help them connect with people and understand their pain.

Over the years they met with hundreds of clients, and they found themselves facing the same dilemmas and questions over and over again.

They have developed a special system that they are using themselves.
Even if you don’t have the knowledge or you can’t afford a designer, Classica still believe you deserve a beautiful home, and that is why they share their system with you.

  ONLY FOR:  $197

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One Time Payment Only!
Design Touch program was created just for people like you,
Regular people who don’t want to pay for a designer,
and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars
on high-priced furniture and accessories.

This interior decorating program will show you how to decorate
Your home, using your current furniture & accessories
And combining with new ones.
Includes everything you need to start your
Design Touch project right away!

Whether you want to redecorate your home
or just add a few items to get a refreshed look,

This Program Will Guide You Step By Step…
To The Perfect Results.


Did you ever feel like..?

  • You have purchased furniture that you thought was perfect, only to get it home and find out that it is totally wrong?
  • You have purchased pillows, artwork, drapes or area rug, thinking they would coordinate beautifully in your room, but then you get them home and, you don’t know why, but they don’t look so great any more?
  • You had trouble finding things that will match your decor and fit your personal style?
  • You put off decorating your home for so long because you don’t know where to start, that your friends & family begin to wonder if you ever going to decorated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this program is for you!
The eBook is a valuable guide for decorating, and will guide you through how to get the perfect look you desire.


Before & After Home Office

This home office was created in the breakfast area.
A beautiful wallpaper as an accent wall that can be seen from the house entrance.
A custom upholstered bench and chair with the drapes and pillows complete this space.

  ONLY FOR:  $197

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One Time Payment Only!

color combination

Everything You Need To Know About Redecorating Your Home Under One Roof!

One Time Payment Only!

We are very excited to introduce our eBook “Design Touch” by Classica.
We came up with our “Design Touch” concept, after consulting for many customers and listening to their needs.
This eBook is suitable for anyone who wish to be his own designer.
The program will guide you step by step, from discovering your taste and style, to creating it in your home.

Design Touch Is:

Simple Yet Effective.
Fast, Yet Not Intensive.
Not Overwhelming & Very Easy To Follow.

Decorating by yourself is hard, if you want to upgrade your home but don’t have the skills to fulfill your dream, the Design Touch eBook is for you. It will show you how to create a beautiful new decor while achieving a designer’s touch.
The program is divided into 10 days, so it’s easier to follow.
Following this program step by step will allow you to accomplish your new decor in 10 days, however, you can stretch the timeframe as long as you need.

Before & After Master Bedroom

Thinking outside the box, we used a wood covered with wallpaper as headboard.
The green and gray pillows are tying the colors together.
A table lamp and a few accessories create a serene atmosphere.

Sounds Interesting? Let us tell you more…

Here Are A Few Topics, Which Are Included In The Design Touch :

  • How to calculate the budget for your new decor.
  • Choosing your color palette.
  • Combining fabrics, colors, and prints.
  • How to buy readymade pillows and drapes or how to sew them by yourself – shown in detailed videos.
  • How to seamlessly blend new and current furniture.
  • Arranging the new decor in a room.
  • Installing your new decor in 1 day.
  • And much more…

The key to perfecting your home decor, is knowing exactly what are the right components for creating the perfect look.

Design Touch program, Is It The Right Choice For You?

  • Constant Updates – When you get the access to the , you become a member of the “Design Touch” circle. You will automatically receive updates and add-on videos.
  • Online Support – The support page will allow you to submit your questions and find answers for questions that were already asked. (All questions are answered by designers)
  • 5 Detailed Videos - Included in this program to guide you step by step.
  • Connect With Members – Being a “Design Touch” member, will allow you to reply to members questions, by using the support page.
  • A list of online Stores - A list that includes a variety of online stores for different purposes.
  • Designers Tips - Throughout the program you will find many tips and guidelines that will help you achieve the perfect result.


​Investing in this program will SAVE YOU… time and money for the long run, and will shorten your timeline for achieving your dream space.


The Design Touch Program Includes:

Download the complete guide for decorating your home by yourself   (90 pages eBook).
One year Design Touch membership which includes:
     5 detailed videos.
     Support by Classica’s designers through the support page.
     Access to new add-On videos and pages.
     Designers’ tips.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee for this program. If you find that the program does not meet our promises, we will give you a full refund within 30 days from your purchase. We are confident that once you’ve purchased this program, you will want to apply it anywhere in your home.

One Time Payment Only!


Before & After Master Living Room

This living room came to life with this beautiful red & brown rug.
The graphic pattern on the drapes is sophisticated and brings interest.
A round coffee table, pillows & accessories to complete the look.


  ONLY FOR:  $197

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One Time Payment Only!


Barbara S.
I have never imagined I would become my own decorator. Now that I’m retired, I finally have the time to fulfill my dream and redecorate my home.
I designed my living room with the Design Touch program. It was easy, fun and it contains the colors I love.
Thank you Classica for creating exactly what I was looking for.

Veronica M.
Before I had the Design Touch program I felt lost. I wasn’t sure how to choose fabrics correctly and matching it with my decor.
My family was surprised with what I accomplished with the design touch program and my husband was thrilled.
I am so happy with my new bedroom, thank you Design Touch.

For any question please send us an email:

Design Touch Program Flowchart