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Why some properties are selling much faster than others?

You can do it too!
Sell your property within weeks!
Whether you are selling a house or an apartment, prepararing it professionally for sale is assential to sell it fast within weeks.
More and more realtors are realizing the need to prepare a property for sale and are looking for experienced professionals in the field.
Average Property that goes through professional preparation for sale, is sold within weeks while others remaining in the market for a much longer time period.

Time = Money

Lately, more realtors understand that it is necessary to prepare a property for sale before it is released to the market.
They understand that it is no longer enough to present property as is.
It is clear to everyone that selling a property is always a challenge.
Selling your properties quickly will differentiate you from all the rest.
What do those people know, That others don’t?
Research shows that preparing a property for sale, shorten it’s market time.
Accuracy in preparation leads to a successful sale

Shorter Time + Higher Price = Successful Sell
Should I invest money in a property that I want to sell ?
Why invest money in a property that I want to sell?
Will I get it back?
The answer is YES!
Investing a little will result either in a bigger sale price or a shorter time that your property in the market or both. Either way, it is a good investment!

You can do it too!
Prepare your property for sale and sell within week!

Would you like to get more properties exclusively?
Then you should give your clients something that other realtors are not!

Research shows that it is worthwhile to invest in a home improvement.
Usually, you will get your investment back, and even more. A property that is on the market for several months
will usually lose 5% of its value and will suffer a price reduction.
A relatively small investment will lead to a quick sale and will save you the first price reduction.
People around you might advise you not to invest in a property that you are selling due to a lack of knowledge and understanding.

Bad advice, can cost you a lot of money in lowering the price of your property.

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Why a specific apartment seller is looking for a buyer for months, while another seller with an identical apartment in the same area is sold within weeks?

To answer this question lets visualize the next scenario:
A couple that wants to buy an apartment is looking at a few apartments for sale in the same area.
Often the couple must take out a mortgage, but they are certainly willing to do so, in order to make a dream come true and become homeowners. Buying a home is the biggest investment most people will make in their lives.
The couple is going to see two apartments in the same location
They entered the first apartment.
Right at the entrance, they stumble upon various objects. A crate, bags, toys of a dog etc.
At the entrance to the living room, they see many papers on the table, children’s toys, and the house itself is full of furniture and personal belongings of the owners. Everywhere you look is a different mess!
Dog’s hair is running free on the floor, and the dirty stove is screaming for help!
The house does not give a sense of cleanliness. Moreover, the apartment smells unpleasant.
At this point, the couple loses any interest in buying the apartment. After all, they came to buy a dream. This is not the house on which they will pay a mortgage for 20 years.
It will be reasonable to assume that they will continue to tour the house politely, but there is no chance that they will buy it!
The couple entered the second apartment
This apartment went through a process called “Sale Property Lifting”
Already on the stairway, the couple smelled of chocolate cake that was now baked in the oven. At the entrance, there is only a hanging keychain, and the floor is clean. The couple goes into the living room and on the table there are only two cups of coffee served in matching cups. It should be noted that the owners of the house made sure to remove unnecessary furniture from the apartment to give a sense of space to the home.
The owners bought a few new accessories in matching colors and added a new set of bath towels to create an inviting atmosphere.
The apartment is clean and aesthetic.
At this point, the couple is very impressed by the overall experience and begins to imagine their lives as if they had already purchased the property.
Which apartment is more likely to be sold?
Where would the couple feel at home?
The answer is clear!
Are your customers refusing to make even the most minor changes in the property?
You would want customers to do exactly what the property needs to show it at its best?
Would you like them to be enrolled in doing all the changes so that you get the property ready and the sale will be quick and easy?
We have the Solution!
We have been doing this for many years and we will be happy to do it for you.
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