Presenting Our Services at The Business Networking International


Classica Decor presentation at the Business Networking International. In this video we show our services and focus on 4 of them. 3D rendering, Staging & Design to Sell, Design on a Budget and Design Touch eBook programram.




While inspiration and ideas are the first ingredients to designing a space, learning where to commit to color and texture and space planning are the most important components. Once the recipe is brought together with balance and precision the results are always scrumptious!


Looking for something even easier on your budget and available in an instant. Our packages plan will answer all your needs from organizing your existing accessories, to custom curtains and accents pillows.

3D Renderings:

When the design concept is still on its earliest creation, and can’t be presented visually, 3d rendering is the closest method to the real thing.
The 3D rendering contains all of the materials applied in live interior.
We bring the new decor to life.

Design On A Budget:

Choosing what one likes in regards to style can be easy for most people, bringing it all together in perfect harmony that calls for Classica “Design on a Budget”. Combining some of the customers furniture and style. Custom design that brings it all together for a perfect flow.

Complete Interior Decor:

Classica works closely with each client to design exactly what their heart desires. Honoring our commitment to class, sophistication, and a design that will remain timeless. We design for interiors as well as exterior.


Reupholstering Furniture:

Get your couch and chairs a new look by getting them reupholstered. Classica designers will come to your home with fabrics options and will help you choose the right fabrics and colors for you. We will arrange furniture pick up at your convenience.


Whether it’s a vacation home or a rental unit we have the expertise to get it furnished the best way for your needs.


First impressions are often the only moment to impress. We know exactly how to arrange your furniture de-clutter your home for potential buyers to fall in love with your home and BUY IT!

Design To Sell:

First impressions are often the only moment to impress, we are experts in Design to Sell. We know exactly how to give your home the WOW factor it needs for potential buyers to fall in love with your home and BUY IT!

Holidays & Parties:

Whether it’s a winter wonderland or a birthday to remember invite us to create the party everyone will be talking about for years. Our Classica designers will create a truly unforgettable experience for your special occasion.

Kids’ rooms:

Your children are your treasures. Why not create an enchanted room that will bring your child’s imagination alive! Your child will be inspired every morning when the wake and their room that will create amazing dreams when they close their eyes to sleep. Trust us to make dreams come true!

Commercial Design:

If we can do so much with homes, only imagine what we can do with your office space – retail space – or more. Estimates can be given upon request, please fill out the contact us form.



Learn How To Decorate Your Home By Yourself – With Our Program

As interior decorators, in our consultation meetings, we came across customers who tried to decorate their homes. After purchasing a few items they felt lost, frustrated and couldn’t finish what they started. All components in the room did not seem to work together.
That’s why we came up with the Design Touch Program, which includes the eBook and online support membership.
The Design Touch is offering solutions to your home decor dilemmas.
The eBook is divided into 10 days/sections, each section will guide you through a different topic.
Click here for more details about the Design Touch program.

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